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AI to bring second Industrial Revolution

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AI to bring second Industrial Revolution

The things that we had electrified are now going to be cognify.

Robots driven by AI will be doing the tasks we had already done before. They will redefine and curate new tasks. Automation had made up a whole bunch of new things, that we didn’t know we needed before. The same way artificial intelligence will come up with a whole new bunch of tasks. It’s important that the tasks we give them are the tasks that can be defined in terms if efficiency or productivity.

Productivity and efficiency will the only major task for robots and artificial intelligence. While humans had only driven the exploration by being inefficient. From failed experiments to inventions and theories.

Now, we are going to learn and work with efficient AI’s.

We are in the beginning of artificial intelligence. It’s like what the internet was 20 years before now. The most important thing on which everybody will be dependent in the next 20 yeas has not been even invented yet. Perhaps even that will be created using the help of AI itself. But, we shouldn’t compare AI with human intelligence. It won’t be necessary to provide it with the emotions which aren’t needed for it. This will the key for improving the efficiency of AI. While performing a task it won’t be thinking of doing anything else or not focussing on the primary task with 100% certainty.

As for now, the most powerful weapon is not an artificial intelligence or a human, but a team of both artificial intelligence and human. The best medical treatment is a team of a doctor and an AI diagnosis. The best experimental team is a scientist with a problem and AI with powerful analytical tools. In the next 10-20 years, we are going to witness a great remark in human history.

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