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iPhone 8 release date, specifications, price and features

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iPhone 8 release date, specifications, price and features

iPhone 8 release date:

Although there has not been any official announcement of the release date, we expected Apple to release the latest in its iPhone series in the second half of 2017. The new much-awaited iPhone 8 series, if all speculations are correct, will be different in feel and size and will take the world by surprise.

iPhone 8 release date, specifications, price and features


The new iPhone8 is rumored to feature a display technology that makes use of pixels capable of self-lighting like the OLEDs arranged on a flexible surface with gaps in-between. Other rumors include a report that Apple will remove the home button for a system that places the fingerprint sensing technology under the screen. Furthermore, an Apple insider indicated that the antennae and the battery will be hidden around the edges of the screen and that Apple will forge the iPhone 8 from steel. The camera is thought to be a continuation of the dual lens setup (Rear 16px and front 8px). An additional prediction is that the iPhone 8 could feature wireless charging.

Operating System

iOS 10.02 upgradable to 11.0, 64bit Processor, RAM 4 GB RAM


Apple is expected to launch three (3) modes in different sizes, which are 4.7, 5.5 and 5.8, and the phone is expected to have a curved display.


The screen according to Apple inside is to be supplied by Samsung and could be made of plastic instead of glass. It is also rumored that the wrap around the OLED screen will possess embedded sensors for things like gesture recognition.


Security could include biometric data storage, capturing the fingerprint and possibly the photo of the thief who stole the phone. Facial recognition and/or Iris scanning is another possibility.

Electronic SIM card

Some speculated that Apple will be creating an electronic SIM card to replace the usual physical SIM cards presently in use. This will offer users more flexible roaming and eliminate the need for specific SIM cards for every operation.

iPhone 8 price in India

Averagely, the expected price for iPhone 8 in India is ₹62,000

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