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Know difference between Maryada Purushottam Rama and Krishna

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Know difference between Maryada Purushottam Rama and Krishna

Why is Rama worshiped? Is this for the want of wealth, prosperity, promotion, progress in business or for the fulfillment of any other wish? Certainly not. In fact we worship Lord Rama because we find our ideal in him.

Rama’s life: Full of struggle

The whole life of Rama is full of struggle. Just after his education is completed he is taken by rishi Vishwamitra to forest, meanwhile he is married. He returns to capital and his coronation is declared but because of step mother’s ambition the coronation is stopped, he is exiled for 14 years. Sita is abducted by Ravana. A challenge to cross the sea and then a great war. After getting victory in war and completing the period of exile he returns to his state and becomes king. But soon he comes to know that his people are doubting about the purity of Sita so he leaves Sita, while she was pregnant.

Rama is ideal in every aspect

An ideal king:

Rama was the king of state Avadh. Avadh means ‘No Vadh’ i.e. no quarrel, no violence. His capital was Ayodhya which means ‘No Yudh’ i.e. no war, no unrest. In Rama’s kingdom there was no place for violence, quarrel, crime, unrest etc. he had all the qualities of an ideal king. He was very careful to his subjects. He had developed a system of getting feedback of the people about his government. When he got a report that people were raising questions on Sita’s purity, he left Sita. Although he had no doubt about sita’s purity because Sita had already passed through ‘Agni Pariksha’, yet he left his beloved queen for the sake of satisfying the feelings of his subjects. By doing so Rama established the highest example of personal sacrifice of a king for the satisfaction of people in democracy. This is great lesson for today’s rulers that a ruler should not only be honest but also he should look honest.

A great warrior:

Rama always believed in peace, but if war was necessary for establishing peace, he fought war. He fought many times with furious demons and killed them for establishing peace. He got victory every time, he was undefeatable. He was a great warrior. He was follower of peace as well as he was of the opinion ‘भय बिन होय न प्रीत’ means it is our power which compels others to make good relations with us.

An ideal protector of Dharma:

Rama is an ideal protector of dharma. He takes it as his essential duty to face the demons for saving common people who follow dharma. It is a lesson for us that if some anti-social elements are spreading nuisance in society, we should stand against them instead of sitting silently.

An ideal Son:

Rama is an ideal son. When his coronation is stopped and he is vanished, he does not show any anger, he neither apposes nor shows any protest. He willingly becomes ready to fulfill the wish of his step mother queen ‘Kaikeyee’. Although Laxman strongly protests against it, but Rama makes him quiet. Rama presents an excellent example of an ideal son before us.

Ideal brother:

Rama is an ideal brother. On demand of mother kaikayee he left the throne in favor of his younger brother Bharat. He is always kind and careful to his younger brothers.

An ideal man: Maryada Purushottam

Rama and Krishna both were the avatars of almighty Vishnu. But Krishna is entirely different from Rama. Krishna’s life was happy. Many times he behaved cunningly though it was for good. Many times he showed miracles. At many occasions he proved himself the almighty power as he showed his Viraat Swaroop (Super Form) to Arjun. But Rama never showed himself as almighty power. He always behaved as human. He faced challenges, he underwent the sufferings of life and he enjoyed the happiness like common people. He always remained in Maryada. It is deemed that Maryada generally relates to humans and not gods. The gods are away from human nature. Rama always behaved like a human and observed Maryada strictly, that is why he is called ‘Maryada Purushottam’.

Rama is the symbol of Dharma while Ravana is symbol of adharma. Rama and Ravana both reside within us. Ravana insists us to follow the path of adharma for fulfilling our desires. But our sprit says us to follow the path of truth, which is the path of Rama.

Which path should we want to follow? Certainly, the answer is the path of Rama, because Rama is our ideal in every field of life. Rama is our hero. Rama is the ultimate victorious.

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