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Know reasons of anger & how to defeat it

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In order to fulfil our ambitions and to achieve the targets in our life we have to face many type of difficulties and undergo different pressures. Due to all of these, negative feelings are often created in ourselves, which causes the adverse effect upon the system of our body. Anger is one of such negative feelings which is very harmful not only for us but also it affects the persons with whom we behave in routine life. It affects our health and social life.

Anger is an impurity – a form of an ignored wish in ourselves. When a person becomes angry, a flood of opposite atoms arises in him. These atoms, spreading in whole body pass such messages to all the cells, as the result of which the blood veins shrink, the speed of artery increases, blood pressure increases, the layer of fat is collected in the veins of heart and brain. The doing of too much anger repeatedly create the depository effect. This may be a reason of heart attack also.

In Stanford University (California, America) a research was made on heart patients by which it was known that if a heart patients only remembers any incident which had been the reason for his angriness any time in past. There has become a downfall in the speed of shrinking of his heart from 5 percent to 7 percent as a result of which the blood supply to heart and nerves decreases. The heart patients on which the research was made told that when the incident (which was remembered) had actually happened they had been in many times anger. It means that at that time the speed of their heart beat may had been affected many times.

Many incidents often happen with us at our homes or working places because of which we become angry. Sometimes we become angry because we feel that we have become the victim of any injustice or any discrimination. Sometime the behaviour of our family members, neighbours, friends, colleagues, customers, clients etc. becomes the reason of the angriness for us. Though it is not necessary that we may be right at our end in every case. Many times we become angry without any genuine reason upon others, particularly upon children, subordinates etc.

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We should remember that at the time of angriness the mind of a person is not in the position of taking right decision. At that time the decision taken by our mind are inspired by the feeling of taking revenge and causing harm to others, in most of the cases, people are forced to take wrong decision when they in the state of angriness. By such decisions, they not only cause harm to others but sometimes they commit such things which are harmful for themselves too and when they become normal they often repent upon their action, taken in the state of angriness.

Mahatma Gandhi has said:-

“Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.”

So, we should ignore such situations which are responsible or causing anger to us.

We have heard an inspiring story that once upon a time a sage came to the palace of a king the king served him in different ways. The sage became pleased with the king. After sometime when the sage started to depart from the palace the king requested the sage to give him such a blessing that may be useful for his life. At this the sage said the king

“O king! I am giving you a teaching. Whenever you are in angriness, don’t do as your mind is saying you to do”.

The king promised the sage that he would always remember his teaching and would follow it.

The message of the story is that at the time of angriness our mind often take wrong decisions. Therefore we should not follow our mind as for as possible at that time, so that we may save ourselves from committing mistakes under the influence of angriness.

How to escape from harm of anger:

When you are in anger, try to listen to your mind. Listen, your mind is forcing you to commit something wrong. At that time, do not obey your mind. After some time, when you become normal you will realise that you have done right by not following your mind’s command when you were in the state of angriness and thus you have escaped from committing any wrong which might have caused any loss either to yourself or to anyone else.

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