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Lite Apps you can use if your smartphone has less space or memory

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Lite Apps you can use if your smartphone has less space or memory

In countries like India where internet connectivity is poor and people are more likely to own cheap budget smartphones, rich apps often lose out on providing the best experience to the users. Big app makers like Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and the rest which makes apps loaded with ever-updating new features know of this problem.

Now when you switch to a Lite app, prepare to give up on a whole lot of bling and the fancy features. In return, you will have a phone that has all that you need without slowing it down. Check out these lite apps and give them a try-

1. Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite was launched keeping developing nations with poor internet connectivity in mind. It is designed to be used on 2G networks and in areas with unstable and slow internet. The app itself takes up a lot less space, loads quickly and works on just about any phone. Most of the usual features are available. You can browse your timeline, like and comment on posts, update status and the likes. Facebook has also made available of reactions, geofilters and camera effects. But overall, the design of the app is old. If you have been using the Facebook for some years, the Facebook Lite app will remind you of those earlier times.

2. Messenger Lite

Facebook launched the Lite app for Messenger just last month and it is already available in 120 countries. Once again, the app is designed for phones with limited memory and processing power and low bandwidth networks. Of course, it won’t have the augmented reality and the camera effects features yet. But it’s only a matter of time considering how fiercely Facebook is competing with Snapchat which many consider too intensive for third world markets.

3. Skype Lite

Following Facebook’s trail, Microsoft also launched the lite version to the Skype app. In fact, the app was launched in India itself. Weighing at only 13MB, the app is created to work best on 2G networks and in areas with unstable connectivity. It can also run smoothly on old Android phones and uses less battery to work. What’s more, Microsoft has also integrated Aadhar identification as a way to securely identify users.

4. Youtube GO

Google, in an event in India, launched YouTube Go for the Indian markets. It is the stripped down version of the heavy YouTube app. The app has been designed specifically keeping the Indian users in mind. Users can download videos to save it offline. The app also provides users with details like how much data a video will take with the option of watching a low-res version which take up lesser data. One can preview the video before playing and using the local sharing features, users can share videos among those nearby without using data.

5. Twitter Lite

Launched last month, Twitter Lite is a lightweight, stripped down version of the official Twitter app. It is Progressive Web App (PWA) and takes up less than 1MB of space in your phone and comes with a data saving mode that blurs pictures and videos unless you tap on them. Twitter has claimed the app can launch in less than five seconds in a 3G connection and save up to 70 per cent more data. You get almost all the features you are used to getting on the full version of the app. There is the timeline, notifications, search and direct messaging. However, you can’t start a live video from the app yet.

 6. Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite is basically the mobile website of the app. In case you find the app too heavy for your phone, you can simply go to Instagram’s website using your phone’s web browser and do almost all that you have been on the app. Upload photos, like, browse and explore and even send and messages. But the sad part is you can’t use Instagram Stories from the webpage yet.

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