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Microsoft is the new Apple! But it might not be the whole truth.

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Microsoft is the new Apple! But it might not be the whole truth.

Microsoft might be taking the innovation crown from Apple with things like Microsoft Surface studio and Hololens.

Surface Studio shown in Studio mode and desktop mode

Yes! It does feel like there’s an element of truth in that, but it might not be the whole truth.

The new Macbook Pro and the Surface Studio were both announced pretty much at the same time. While the Macbook is just a thinner and faster from the previous ones.

Whereas Surface Studio is just a phenomenal idea right out of the box, with a hinge and dial no one ever thought before.

But neither of them are a real game changer. The Macbook is just a newer Macbook and the expensive Surface Studio has only a limited set of targeted customers.

Neither Apple nor Microsoft has significantly changed the overall technology landscape.

Microsoft has certainly shown an improvement in its innovation sector over the last few years. With the Surface Studio, Surface Pro, Hololens, and the Universal Windows Platform.

Still, Apple remains the current winner in the game, even though they haven’t really shown any remarkable innovative technology over a few years now. And though it might seem right the what Apple has done, other technology giants have also been able achieve that mark. It might not be the whole story.

Microsoft throwing everything into innovation could be a result of immense pressure from other technology giants.

Well Apple is not stupid enough that they would think to remain the King only with the iphone sector. They might just be working hard to figure out what might be the Next Big Thing!?

Unlike Microsoft Apple might be doing these things behind closed doors. They would just develop privately intil they are sure it is not going to throw up their reputation.

Microsoft on the other hand creates a partnership with the other companies which sometimes lead to selling only the idea to people and the product.

Yet, after many years over of being under the disadvantage in the hardware and design sector, Microsoft might have got the potential to do the real damage. At the pace they are doing now, they might eventually beat Apple.Microsoft is the new Apple! But it might not be the whole truth.

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