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Why we need to apologise to Ravindra Gaikwad, the MP who hit Air India staff with his shoes 25 times

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Ravindra Gaikwad, the Shivsena MP from Osmanabad, is in news all over because of his misdemeanor and fight with an elderly employee of Air India. It was actually more than a behaviour issue as the MP himself admitted with pride on camera that he hit the elderly man with his slippers 25 times.

Barring BJP and Shivsena, almost every single individual or organisation condemned this ‘ghastly’ incident.

An FIR was filed by the airline and the FIA, swiftly added the MPs name to the no fly list. Result being, he has to board a train for his to and fro journeys from Delhi to Mumbai/Pune.

Media houses are working overtime debating on the excesses our beloved MPs are having. Public outcry is to curtail the privileges our MPs and other bevy of political entities who feel entitled all the time.

Amidst this mad rage against our Politicians, we are forgetting that undermining their rights can be disastrous for the democracy. It will set a wrong precedence and will bring chaos in the country.

We need to understand that India follows a parliamentary form of Government and the will and stature of Parliamentarians is Supreme and no none has the right to question them on any matter.

Our constitution makers were aware of the fact that weak leaders leads to weak institutions and this follows with failed governments. Thus, they empowered our MPs in such a way that there is nothing in the constitution which can stop them.

There is simply no remedy for any person or organisation to keep a check on a Member of Parliament.

Yes, the Supreme Court to some extent has powers to delay their legislation or reprimand them when they act against the constitution, but if we try to dilute their powers using the Judiciary, it will take India to a path similar to what countries like Egypt, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan have taken, in the absence of a strong Political class.

It might be shocking for some to hear that, but in the specific case of Ravindra Gaikwad, Government should have acted quickly against Air India for failing to upheld honour and dignity of our elected representative. MPs cutting across party lines should file a privilege motion against the Air India and those who are criticising the protagonist MP and questioning his act.

True, that BJP MP like Babul Suprio and Sena MP Sanajay Raut had questioned Air India, but their tone was powerless, unimpressive not up to the standards which can convey the message about ‘who is the boss’ here.

It is the need of the hour that our Lawmakers gets unbridled powers like  Vladimir Putin of Russia, Communist party of China and the Kings of Saudi Arabia.

Here is the list of amendments which can empower our Politicians:

  • Absolute immunity from any arrest in civil or criminal matter irrespective if the house is in session or not
  • Revoke the right of all investigative agencies including the CBI to start any investigation against Politicians
  • Revoke the requirement to declare assets and criminal cases during elections
  • No ban on convicted politicians in contesting elections
  • Politicians to be exempted from mandatory online transactions above 2.5 lakhs
  • No organisation should be able to impose any ban on any politician
  • Assets of Politicians to be immune from any scrutiny and should be kept out from any law made for ordinary citizen

It is the duty of every lawmaker in the Parliament to review the power and privileges available to them. Any loopholes should be plugged as soon as possible so that incident like banning a VVIP person like an MP should be avoided. They should also ensure that similar rights reached the last politician in the order like a Municipal Councillor of a remote city or town.

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