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Nokia Phone Stops A Bullet & Saves A Man’s Life!!

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A Nokia 301 stopped a bullet and saved a man’s life.

As per as a tweet by Microsoft’s General Manager, Peter Skillman, a man from Afghanistan was allegedly saved by a Nokia phone. Yes, you read that right!
he phone is obviously destroyed and not functional anymore. But something tells us that the man is more than thankful for his life and for making the right choice by buying a Nokia.
This isn’t the first time Nokia has saved a live. In 2014, a Nokia Lumia 520 saved a Brazilian policemen’s life after the bullets fired by armed robbers got stuck in the phone. Another guy in Syria owes his life to a Nokia X2.
While phones today are burning holes in people’s pockets (quite literally), here’s a good ol’ phone saving people’s lives.

Gotta give it to Nokia, you are truly indestructible!

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