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Paper Cups turning Brands into Experiences

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Paid-and-planted advertising that is bellowing at you for attention is not always the most effective kind of advertising. We’ve had enough of gaudy LED displays that are shoved down our throats. Consumers these days tend to block out anything that is begging for attention. Contrary to loud advertisements is paper cup advertising, a subtle and underrated kind of advertising which takes marketing up-close and personal and turns brands into experiences. It is a kind of brand-to-hand experience that breaks through the clutter and marketing noise to deliver your message in a concise, clear and systematic manner.

Upon reading several articles and coming across branded paper cups, I see paper cup advertising as advertising of the future. Paper cup marketing involves placing branded paper cups in unconventional environments where people can least expect them. They capitalise on the moment ‘chai pe ‘charcha’.

In India, tea holds a special place in the heart of every individual. Majority of the discussions about politics, movies and current affairs happen over a cup of tea/coffee during tea breaks in corporate offices, colleges and road-side tea
stalls. With 3-5 minutes exposure time, a consumer ends up spending 37 minutes of quality time with the advertising brand in the form of a paper cup. This is an ideal situation wherein a brand could promote itself. This clutter
breaking marketing media is turning tea stalls into discussion joints

GingerCup is a marketing agency that uses paper cups to tease audiences and convey a brand’s story. By creating ‘cups that serve a purpose’ they are:
• Turning chai stalls to discussion joints
• Offering free paper cups to tea vendors, corporates and colleges – as the cost of the cups is borne by the advertisers
• Conserving the environment by promoting paper cups over plastic cups
• Helping brands gain visibility by including QR codes, website details and
coupon codes on the paper cups.

The company has a strong distribution network and has a tie-up with tea vendors, IT parks, colleges, airlines and railways across six cities of India – namely Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon and Pune.

Recently, GingerCup tied up with Jet Airways International for in-flight promotions on their cups. They have also associated with big brands like Baahubali, BookMyShow, Uber, Hotstar, Clovia, ABP Live, Gillette, Brigade,
Pizza Hut etc.

More about their paper cup marketing campaigns can be followed here.
Image Source: GingerCup

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