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PM Modi: 70 % of people are corrupt and hurting them will destroy BJP

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In the context of PM Modi’s recent demonetization drive (read here), there is a misconception that Politicians and some business class are the only corrupt species found  in India. On careful analysis we can confidently say that as much as 70% of all the people have a flexible moral compass and will not shy away to do the unethical and corrupt acts.

PM Why Narendra Modi & BJP are destroying themselves

Everyone will accept that PM Narendra Modi is far honest and hard working than the erstwhile allegedly extremely corrupt and passive PM Manmohan Singh.  Apart from being honest, PM Modi is also proactive and his actions against the corrupt causes a lot of discomfort for the corrupt and some among his party-men as well.  One can only imagine the extreme pressure which he must be facing from some of the people in his close circles to go soft against the black money and the corrupt. Reason for this, which known to everyone is “Is hamam me sab hi nange hain” which means that everyone in this bathing tank are nude.

If we believe the allegations of the opposition party, it is highly likely that some concessions must be given to the BJP strongmen to make room for doing a greater good of the country.

The concessions can be listed as below

  1. No investigations against political parties for their unaccounted wealth
  2. No provision for income tax on party’s fund
  3. Introduction of Rs 2000 note
  4. No disclosures of the deposits made by the party just before the demonetisation announced
  5. Political parties not required to take donations through digital modes

In addition, once the PM initiates the drive against real estate mafias and hoarders, there is 100% chance that all politicians will be immune from any sort of investigation against their real estate assets.

However, there is a catch in this planning. PM Modi is launching  offensive after offensive against the corrupt in the country (excluding all level of politicians).

PM Modi

This move of PM will boomerang and will hit BJP because the corrupt are not the minority in this country. They represent a huge majority and once irked they will definitely look for safe havens like the Maha Gathbandhan or the Congress to continue their activities without minimal State’s interference.

In conclusion, it is advised that the BJP should not take the corrupt of this country for granted. Emotions and honesty rhetoric have no place in Politics. It is time and again proven by the people of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar who have favoured the parties akin to them so that they and their Political Masters can continue to do what they want to.

If BJP is not able to stop this campaign against the corrupt with immediate effect, then PM Modi should be ready to relinquish the seat of PM to someone from the Lalu’s clan like Tejaswi Yadav or firebrand leader Akhilesh Yadav of UP.

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