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Roomba now tells you the dirtiest part of your home

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Roomba now tells you the dirtiest part of your home

Roomba is now ready to tell you if your kid room is dirty or not. With the new upgrade, Roomba can tell you precisely which part of your house is the dirtiest.

iRobot, maker of the popular robot vacuum cleaner, has updated its app to provide detailed cleaning maps. They will also integration it with Amazon’s Alexa.

Owners of top-of-the-line Roombas will begin receiving maps showing exactly where in the home was cleaned and what was messiest. Areas with lots of dirt and debris will be marked with plus signs on the map. The Roombas will spend extra time on those trouble spots. iRobot is also adding push notifications for owners who want to be texted when their Roomba is done cleaning.

The updated app is available on iOS and Android Wednesday. The Amazon Alexa integration will launch this spring. This will ease consumer accessibility with Alexa as well as our house cleaning machine.

Roomba owners will be able to tell the vacuum to start, stop or pause a cleaning. For example, “Alexa, ask Roomba to begin cleaning.”

The new features will only be available for the 900 series Roomba, which cost $700 or $900. Other Roombas can be had for $500 or less.

Consumers will have to decide if the advanced features are worth spending almost twice as much on. But with the advancement of IOT and better integration of products, we feel that the price will drop at some point in near future. Also, with other companies trying to attract the consumer line towards themselves, iRobot will have to do much more then a few upgrades and it’s integration with Alexa.

iRobot sees the new features as a step closer to a future when a variety of robots work together to enable smarter homes.

The Roomba first launched in 2002, and more than 7.5 million have been sold.

Source: CNN

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