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Shailputri: The Goddess of Nature makes the world Live

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Shailputri: The Goddess of Nature makes the world Live

In Hindu philosophy, Shiva represents for the male and Shakti represents for the female. Shiva is nothing without Shakti, means a male is incomplete without female.

A male requires different type of powers to run his life in this world like the power of knowledge, the power of wealth and the power to fight against the injustice. Shakti (goddess) presents herself in different forms to grant different type of powers to Shiva (male).

In the form of Saraswati she grants knowledge, in the form of Luxmi she grants wealth and in the form of Kali she gives him the power to destroy the demons i.e. evils.

Besides these various forms, there is one more form of goddess which is most important for the existence of the world – that is NATURE.

Hindus have always been the worshiper of nature. Among the nine forms of goddess Durga (Navdurga), the first form is Shailputri. Goddess shailputri is the daughter of Himalaya, the king of mountains. Nature is spreading everywhere in her different amazing and colourful forms in the lap of Himalaya. The worship of goddess shailputri at the first day of Navratra by Hindus proves that they are nature lover and the conservation of nature is in their priority.

In the earlier birth SATI, having been deeply hurt on the insult of herself and her husband Lord Shiva, sacrificed by burning herself in the fire of Yaga, organised at his father’s home. In the next birth, she was born to Himalaya. Hence, she is named as Shailputri or Parvati or Hemavati means the daughter of mountain.

On other side, after the death of Sati, Shiva separated himself from the world. He became apathetic. He went into a deserted and glacial cave for penance. After having a long time passed, Shiva did not leave the state of penance. At this the gods got worried.

Shailputri: The Goddess of Nature

For running this world, the new creation is necessary, and for this the union of Shiva and Shakti is must. The new creation is not possible if Shiva remains in apathetic state. Hence for breaking Shiva’s penance, all the gods sent Kamdev, the god of sex to Shiva. As kamdev enters the glacial cave, the lifeless cave became live and full of colourful flowers. Kamdev was holding a beautiful bow made of flowers, with the bowstring made of honey bees. Kamdev threw an arrow, which was made of sugarcane, towards Shiva. Thus the penance of Shiva was broken. At this Shiva became furious and reduced kamdev to ashes by the fire powered by his yoga,  emersed from his third eye.

Though, kamdev could not be successful in his aim but Parvati was fimly determined to get Shiva as her husband in this birth also. She underwent the tough penance for thousands of years. Shiva got pleased with her devotion and accepted her as his wife.

Shailputri: The Goddess of Nature

Goddess Shailputri is also known as the goddess of Mooladhar Chakra (Root Circle). Yogis activates their mooladhar chakra by worshipping goddess Shailputri.

Goddess shailputri represents for the nature which grants the liveliness to this world. The mantra of goddess Shailputri is –

|| Ya Devi sarva-bhuteshu, Prakriti rupen sansthita, namastasye namastasye namastasye namo namah ||

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