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These Masai Children drinking real blood in turns will shock you forever

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Within the Savanna lands of the tropics live many different tribes who are cattle pastoralists.  The Masai are one of them. They wondered with their herds of cattle in the central highlands of East Africa in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.


They keep cattle which is known as the zebu cattle with humps and long horns. They treat their cattle with great respect and love and they never slaughter it for food or sale. They consume the meat only when they die a natural death. Surprisingly they are also never used as draught animals. They are kept entirely for the supply of milk and blood. Yes blood!.


They tie a string around the neck of the cattle and prick near neck with a sharp arrow made of wood. A gush of blood comes out which typically measures around 2 liters. Both the adults and children take turn to relish the warm and salty blood. They say that one small glass of cattle’s blood is enough to give them energy for the whole day.

El maasai la sangre que le han sacado a la vaca, mientras otro procura tapar el agujero para evitar el desangramiento del animal.


Once they take around of 2 liters of blood, they loosen the string around the neck so that the Cattle does not dies by loss of blood.

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