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This drug can make you the “Smartest Person” ever

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Meditation may not be classified as a “drug”, but “Meditation” is one such thing that can make you the smartest person. Smartness is a by-product of how many connections your mind can make. There are two ways by which your mind makes connection; one is convergent and other is divergent connection. It has been observed that both of them increase if one meditates regularly.

Consciousness is actually the result of entropy. Thermodynamics say that all systems will keep on becoming random, and the essence of that randomness is entropy. The smartest people can put in all their efforts and attention on the task at their hand for a very long time. If you watch Limitless (the movie), you shall observe that Bradley’’s brain connected more dots than it normally could. Smartest people are smart because they can connect more dots. Connecting dots as scientifically proven has long been associated with attention and meditation.

Any drugs that advocate increase in smartness is actually just taking you high, not your I.Q… The higher you go, deeper you shall crash.

Stay off drugs and enjoy life to the fullest.

Credits : Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Loksabha MP, Quora

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