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WhatsApp facts that everyone should know About

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WhatsApp facts that everyone should know About

WhatsApp is the most instant messenger App used in India, and in many parts of the world. There are many things people would like to see in the App but the Facebook-owned company has been making a lot of steady improvements day by day. As currently people can make video calls, add GIF, add WhatsApp stories and a whole lot more. But there are pretty much handful features which the people are not aware of and you can find that bit interesting.

Two-factor authentication: Currently WhatsApp launched its Two-Factor authentication for its chat service. If the user recalls there is no username and password required to use WhatsApp, just by typing phone number we can use that.

Reply to a specific message in a Group Chat: In a WhatsApp conversation, press and hold on a particular line of text and hit the backward arrow which appears on the top of Android (or tap “Reply” on iPhone). This lets you reply particular message or which we can comment also in the Group Conversation.

Find out who read your message in a Group Chat
: In a one-on-one conversation, it is easy to rectify who read your message but in a Group conversation it becomes a bit difficult. So, there’s an easy way by which this can be done by pressing the message and tap on ‘i’ button on top of Android( or ‘info’ in iPhone). Here you will get to see how many people’s exactly read your message and how many yet to read.

Manipulate text for better Emphasis: There is certain syntax which we can apply to manipulate text for better emphasis on WhatsApp. For example, applying an asterisk before and after words (e.g *like so*) makes them appear in bold in the WhatsApp conversation. Similarly, adding underscores (e.g _like this_) makes text appear italicized, and words enclosed inside two tilde symbols (~) strikes them off.

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